Welcome to Gaby Leone Eco-Gardens


To me, gardens are eco-sanctuaries for us humans as well as for our dwindling heritage of birds, butterflies and other urban wildlife. This is why I love gardening the natural, eco-friendly way – the way our grandparents used to garden – today known as the permaculture way. I offer eco-gardening products and services for indigenous as well as exotic gardens in the Johannesburg area that will enable you to walk this path with heart with me.

During my regular garden visits to you I will advise you on all things low-maintenance, water-wise, environmentally friendly gardening, bringing plants, organic compost and fertilizer and worm farms with me and working alongside your gardener, training him to maintain your garden professionally. My Gardener Training Programme is based on a written training manual and a monthly gardening calendar to ensure your plants are pruned, fed and divided at the right time, your irrigation tested regularly and your infra-structure well-maintained so that all that is left for you to do is to enjoy the end result.